Messi dismisses fittness rumours ready to start world cup against Saudi Arabia

 Argentina's Lionel Messi dismisses fitness' rumours,' ready to start World Cup nature 

 DOHA, Qatar-- Lionel Messi has dismissed" rumours" about his fitness and said he's ready to lead Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar. 

 There have been suggestions that Messi has been missing corridor of training sessions because of an ankle injury but the Paris Saint- Germain forward said he'll play against Saudi Arabia at the Lusail Stadium on Tuesday. 

" I am feeling well," Messi told a news conference on Monday." I'm veritably well physically and I feel in good condition. I suppose I come then in really good form, both tête-à-tête and physically. 

 " There are no issues whatsoever. I heard there were rumours of having to miss part of training or be down from the platoon because of a blow but it's nothing out of the ordinary." 

Messi has arrived in Qatar to take part in his fifth World Cup and, having turned 35 in June, reiterated it'll be the last time he features at the event. 

Messi is ready to start the world cup match against Saudi Arabia

He'll be 39 when the coming World Cup is played in the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2026 and he said Qatar offers the last chance to lift the jewel. 

" I am apprehensive it's a veritably special moment," he added." It's most probably my last World Cup and the last occasion to make my dream a reality. I am really happy and really agitated and I want to try to enjoy this World Cup. 

 " I suppose age as well makes you see effects else. perhaps now I give further significance to small details because before I did not do it. I will try now to concentrate more on the details and moment enjoying it's more important." 

 Argentina begin their World Cup crusade looking to win the event for the first time since 1986. 

 They're alternate favourites behind Brazil but Messi believes the pressure is off the platoon after lifting the Copa America in 2021-- although said parallels between this team and the bone which reached the final in 2014. 

" I am not sure we feel better( than before other World Mugs) but we just won a competition and that's veritably reassuring," he added. 

 " It helps you work in a different way and you do not feel as anxious. You do not put as important pressure on yourself so we concentrate on enjoying ourselves. 

" The team reminds me of 2014, veritably united and clear about what we've to do on the pitch and the way we've to play. 

 " It's great to be then in good form because it gives you so much confidence." 

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