45 Happy New Year wishes to send to everyone you know in 2023

"Good luck for a new year and another chance for us to get it right."

Happy New Year wishes to send to everyone you know in 2023

happy new year 2023

As hard as it is to believe, 2023 is almost upon us (!!), which means it's time to start solidifying those pre-New Years plans. And in addition to a gorgeous party 'fit and some perfect NYE Insta captions, you'll want to make sure you prepare some Happy New Year wishes for all your friends and family ('cause your problems shouldn't decide whether or not you start drinking the champagne. going to text them later). I don't know what to say. We've got beautiful New Year quotes and wishes you can share with everyone from your loved ones to your grandma, so don't fret.

Even if you're not the type to make New Year's resolutions, you can still wish others a ~new start~ with an inspirational quote or some sweet words of encouragement. Whether you want to wish your partner, your parents, or your much-loved IG followers a Happy New Year, here are a bunch of short and sweet New Year wishes written and ready to go, so all you have to do is copy and paste. Here's hoping 2023 is your best year yet!!

Sweet New Year wishes for your friends

* I don't know about you, but I feel like this is going to be our best year yet. Cheers to 2023 and cheers to     us! 🥂

* Here's to another year of big events. 2023 us, bb.

* Let all your wildest dreams come true in 2023. You got it!

* New year, new beginning, and no new friends. Can't wait to spend 2023 by your side.

* I couldn't have gotten through 2022 without you, and I can't wait to crush 2023 together. Cheers! 🍾

* 2023 is your year—I can feel it! Looking forward to seeing you do something awesome.

* 2022 wouldn't have been the same without you. Forever grateful for our friendship and incredibly               excited to see what 2023 has in store for us.

Happy New Year to your boo

* Every new year with you is my new favorite. Love you baby.

* Whatever 2023 holds, know that we'll be in it together. 💕

* Time flies when you are with the love of your life. Another year down and forever to go.

* IDK how we can possibly top 2022, but anything is possible when I'm with you. Happy New Year my       love.

* As long as you're by my side, I know 2023 will be the best year yet.

* 2023 is going to bring some big new changes for you, but hopefully you're happy to be stuck with the        same old me. 😉

* New year, same to us. Can't wait for another year of adventures with you.

* The best thing I did this year was falling in love with you. Here's to making more memes together in           2023!

happy new year wishes

Happy New Year to your family

* Wishing you nothing but health and wealth in the new year ahead.

* I am grateful for your support and love this year and every year. Cheers to another great year! 🎊

* You deserve only the best, and I hope all your wishes come true in 2023.

* Let this new year be a great start. Love you!

* Happy New Year to my biggest cheerleader and my favorite supporter. I couldn't be luckier to have you     in my life. ❤️

* You helped make 2022 for the books. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and abundant 2023!

* You can't choose your family, but there's no one I'd rather have in my life than you. I can't wait to see all     the things you've accomplished this year.

Happy New Year to everyone

* Looking forward to another year of making bad decisions together.

* Here's hoping your New Year's resolutions last longer than your NYE hangover. ✌️

* IDK about you, but I'm not feeling '22 anymore. Here's to 2023!

* 2023 Mantra: Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

* Bringing good vibes, great sex, and glowing skin to you in the New Year.

* Let's celebrate the new year and drink to forget the old. 🍻

* Cheers to another New Year's night we'll never remember and New Year's resolutions we'll never keep.

* Fingers crossed that 2023 doesn't suck!!

happy new year wishes

Inspirational quotes to use as New Year wishes

* "Good luck for a new year and another chance for us to get it right." - Oprah Winfrey

* "Tomorrow is the first blank page in a 365-page book. Write a good one." — Brad Paisley

* "And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that never were." — Rainer Maria Rilke

* "Hope smiles from the threshold of the approaching New Year, whispering, 'It will be happier.'" - Alfred     Lord Tennyson

* "What the New Year brings to you will largely depend on what you bring to the New Year." — Verne         McLellan

* "The New Year is a bright light to brighten the dream-lined path of the future." — Munia Khan

* "Take a leap of faith and start this wonderful new year with faith." — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Famous songs to use as New Year greetings

* "And a happy New Year to those who live / who are gentle, kind and forgiving." - Regina Spektor

* "I want to be with you / I want to be with you, night and day / Nothing changes on New Year's Day." —     U2

* "It's been a tough year and I just know / From this low, it's only up we go, up we go." - light

* "I'm singing carp day / I say seize the day / Come on, live forever / It's New Year's Day." - Bon Jovi

* "Now we're there and we've only just begun / This will be our year / It's been a long time coming." -            Zombies

* "So take these words and sing out loud / 'Cause all is forgiven now / 'Cause tonight the world will begin      again." - Goo doll

* "Open your eyes / And see what's outside / There's nothing to fear / It's a new year." - Kate York

   "Raising glasses, we all say cheers / Can this be the one? / Our new year." - Tori Amos

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